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Pile of Oysters

Start your shellfish harvest with Cape & Islands Aquaculture, Inc. seeds- cultivated for success.

Osyter Shell

Cape & Islands Aquaculture, Inc. (CAIA) is dedicated to providing high-quality shellfish seed through a sustainable cultivation method using mobile upwellers.


Shellfish upwelling is a process where nutrient rich seawater is drawn up through silos holding the animals. The flow then runs up to the drain(s) and is reintroduced to the water body it was drawn from. The constant flow provides non-stop feeding to the animals supporting healthy, consistent growth. Within this controlled environment, seed densities can be closely maintained for optimal growth and shell formation.


This process allows CAIA to be an efficient and reliable resource for our farming partners.

Meet the CAIA Team

Meet the team behind Cape & Islands Aquaculture, Inc., the innovative shellfish seed grower founded by Cape Cod community members in 2023. We take pride in our work.  Our mission is to provide sustainable and reliable sources of shellfish seeds to Cape Cod and beyond, with a focus on recognizing the lack of current solutions.


Join us on our mission to bring more shellfish to our coastal communities.

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