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Welcome to Cape & Islands Aquaculture, Inc.

Growing Tomorrow's Harvest Today

Oyster Shell

For the Finest Oyster Seed, Think Cape & Islands Aquaculture, Inc.

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Cape & Islands Aquaculture, Inc.: Growing Oyster Seeds with Passion! We strive to provide sustainable, high-quality oyster seeds for your next aquaculture harvest. We anticipate our first crop of oyster seeds will be ready for Spring 2024

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About Cape & Islands Aquaculture, Inc.

Oyster Shell

Cape & Islands Aquaculture, Inc. (CAIA) is dedicated to providing high-quality shellfish seeds through a sustainable cultivation method using mobile upwellers.

Nautical ocean

CAIA operates on the Northeastern coast of the United States, along the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The goal of Cape & Islands Aquaculture, Inc. is to provide a high-quality, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable source of shellfish seeds to shellfish farmers.


In addition, the company also strives to promote awareness and education about sustainable aquaculture practices and the benefits of consuming locally sourced shellfish. CAIA will donate a portion of their proceeds to charities/scholarships of choice.

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